Scientific calculators perform specialised functions along with the normal functions available on the regular calculators. Simple arithmetic calculation can be done on scientific calculators and it also calculates scientific equations and provides a solution for the same. Based on their features, scientific calculators are broadly categorised as basic, medium and advanced. Understanding their features will help people in deciding the type that will best suit their requirements.
Basic modelThis model is most suitable for students at the high school levels. They perform some of the functions which a normal calculator may not be able to do. Even common man can use this system as they do the basic functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division also. Students at the high school level make use of the hp scientific calculator for performing minimum advanced features like trigonometric calculation, finding the logarithms, exponential equations, arithmetic calculation involving floating points and so on. The basic model comes only with 8 digits display screen and there is an inbuilt memory too. The number of calculation that can be stored in memory varies from model to model and the prices also differ accordingly. But, these are priced at the minimum range and are very much affordable for students.
Medium modelThe next model is also known as the intermediate model which comes with a little more of added features. The hp scientific calculator is mostly used by students of professional studies who require performing of advanced mathematical calculations. They have the in-built program to complete the calculation of complex numbers and even solve most of the complicated mathematical equations. The model comes with built in functions up to 100 and other advanced features like more memory space and also display up to 12 digits. Advanced functions such as the calculus calculation, statistical functions, fractions solving and so on can be easily and conveniently performed using the intermediate model of scientific calculator.
Advanced modelAs the name implies they are much advanced with the capability to perform as many as 300 functions related to engineering and other scientific studies. The device is able to recognise the symbols used in engineering studies and also perform physical constants, parenthesis and unit conversion without any difficulty. People in such fields are greatly benefitted by the scientific calculators as they offer a compact and handy solution to all the advanced mathematical problems. The display screen is large providing enough space for a display up to two lines. Their high speed and accuracy makes it the most preferred device for scientific calculations.
Knowing the features of different types of calculators helps one to pick the right type that will serve the required purpose, hp prime graphing calculator is another considerable one in this category.

Understanding The Different Types Of Scientific Calculators

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