For the gamers out there wondering what the best supporting device for gaming is, here is what you need to know about the 4 top laptops
The origin EON-15X
Being a fairly compact laptop with a 15.6 inch screen, it is a head turner that offers more performance as compared to other laptops. This CPU has an intensively working system that supports editing of videos and other rigorous tasks that a micro mobile chip cannot handle. This machine is equipped with the best GPU available, the Nvidia GTX 980-M. the entire exterior of the device is covered with rubber protection which also helps for a better grip. The laptop has a simple look that doesn’t strike much interest until the keyboard and rear vents light up in its multi coloured form.
Aorus X3 plus v3
This is up for second place being a slim and light gaming machine. Aorus has taken the concept of small, portable and is the most powerful notebook sized PC available. This 14 inch gaming desktop can pull of the latest graphic heavy games such as elite dangerous easily. However, the high resolution makes the texts problematic to read. Due to the vast and varying intense functions that it has, the battery life doesn’t sustain for so long. Unlike the device above, the looks of this is impressing enough for a buyer looking for something special. The aluminium case on the top and bottom gives a nice solid feel and is still light weight, check this quality Alienware.
MSI GT80 Titan
Designed with an 18.4 inch screen, this gaming desktop provides a high performance gaming experience. Being slightly over the normal weight, this laptop does not have the portable factor like the above one. Despite the weight, it supports all graphically intensive games that you want to run. Warning must be given regarding the weight on the wallet and on the back! It has two Nvidia GTX 980M graphic cards installed and an Intel Core i7 processor, thus giving gamers the best possible experience. The Titan completes the gaming look with the insignias of dragons on the lid and the red backlit mechanical keyboard.
Gigabyte P55K v4
This could be the best laptop for a budget conscious player. If you cannot seem to afford the above mentioned machines, go for the 15.6 inch screened, super speedy Intel Core i7 processor.The orange accents and the sports car look that the laptop has would appeal mostly to the young gamers. The battery life is known to be average, but the price and speedy performance is good enough for the deal. The keyboard is spaces out for the gamers to thrash on and is also backlit with a light blue hue.

The Best Laptops For Gaming

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