Whenever there is a threat of attack on a company, they react in the only way that is logical and expected. They make use of different advanced security technologies in order to protect themselves from a possible attack. One of the most common methods by which this is done is to implement smart cards, which are considered the next level in standard organizational and corporate security systems. There are other methods by which proof of identity and employment can be checked.
The problem is that smart cards don’t actually do much in the way of reducing the risk of an attack. Even though the security level has been increased in the eyes of the organization, it is pretty much the same to the people who are trying to attack the company, check this RFID fixed reader.
Experts always find a wayWhether it is a smart card system or a USB contact reader security methods aren’t going to stand up against the attacks of a professional team of infiltration specialists. There are some methods by which this can be prevented, but smart cards are basically a waste of time and money.
A smart card is basically a credit card in which the chip or the magnetic strip contain passcodes, access level information and even a small CPU and OS. They are widely used to hide and protect encoded messages and data like passwords and digital keys for opening high security doors. They are usually of the chip variety.
Smart cards aren’t as amazing as you thinkThey are considered to be more secure than a USB contact reader and they can keep secrets until they are accessed by the right reader with the right digital handshake. Instead of submitting an access code or a digital key over to the reader that made the request, a smart card just shows the reader that it has the key within it. This way, security is maintained even within the machines.
However, smart cards aren’t the epitome of digital security, even though people think they are. A password “hash” is used to make sure that the key that is stored on the smart card is the same key required to open a door within a company. Of course, this hash is stored on the systems of the company, meaning that it can easily be stolen in a cyber-attack that won’t even leave a paper trail behind.
While it is true that a smart card increases the security within an organization it only does this by an infinitesimal amount. It isn’t enough to stop hackers and experts at breaching security systems from getting in.

How A Smart Card Could Betray You

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