Laptops have been there for quite a few years. It is an impressive feat of engineering. Computers were very large, it took quite some space and they were never portable. Since they were not portable people could only use computers at their workplace or if they had one at home. This changed when the laptop was introduced. The first laptops were actually quite big and heavy but were portable to an extent. This allowed people to carry it around. Over time this technology improved and laptops became faster and had better battery life. They operated similar to desktop computer therefore, they shared same software and components albeit the components were made smaller than their desktop counterpart. 

Tablets have been becoming popular in the last decade or so. They are basically smaller than laptops and very portable. They also have good battery life. Tablets were highly popularized by Apple who still holds the tablet market to this day. Still there were certain things holding it back when compared to a laptop. Tablets worked by touching the screen which was much different to a laptop. Here are certain things to keep in mind when choosing between a laptop and tablet.


Laptops run on operating systems that are shared among desktops and other PC’s. So, all software is made to work with a mouse. Software such as final cut pro X tutorial free are made to work with laptops and when they are ported to tablets, it’s not as easy to work on unless the tablet has mouse and keyboard support. Further, tablets don’t have as much software as laptops. This is because laptops have been there for many years and there many developers who are familiar with it. You can learn more about this software by visiting


For portability, tablets are the best. They have a smaller footprint than a laptop. This doesn’t mean laptops are not portable but because of the keyboard, laptops are a little bit thicker. In most cases this difference is negligible unless it is a low-end laptop which is very thick and heavy.


Laptops have a very open ecosystem, allowing you to do many changes. Software can be changed and modified, further, there are various settings and time to time software such as free fcpx titles is available. Tablets are generally more closed and don’t allow for much changes in the ecosystem.

Battery Life

Choosing Between A Laptop And Tablet

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