Smarter home is one that has reduced carbon footprints, makes best use of connecting devices and provides cozier ambience to inhabitants. Market is flooded with gadgets like Wi-Fi, mobiles and laptops etc but they are of no use if they do not receive adequate signals and become operational.

Hence, to make the best use of Wi-FI, install the router after locating the point where gadgets can receive signals of maximum strength. Hence, try not to install the router at backyards or basement where there is no interruption in the transmission of signals.

Use of dimmers can help you save a lot on utility bills. Dimmers also create an environment conducive to sleep by regulating lights to minimum. Dynalite lighting control can help you provide automated lighting solutions which can be pre-set so that lights of the house become dimmer at the pre-instructed time.

Smarter homes allow you to keep the houses secured. There are sensors available for doors and windows which send signals to the owner as soon as there is some mysterious activity sensed at these breaking points of house. So, the cases of home invasion can be reduced to minimum ensuring enhanced safety to your belongings as well as property.

Dynalite lighting control provides variable intensity lights as all the areas need not stay equally lit. Those areas which are not habited or are occupied for limited periods should have less intense lights so that utility bills can be reduced by about 25% annually.

There are devices like control 4 home automation which can be installed on door bolts. So, if you have lost your keys by mistake, instead of searching for key maker, simply send an SMS to these locks and get access to your house. You can also make the life easier for Android-phone carrying guests who visit you in your absence.

Lighting solutions these days are made energy-efficient with the use of LED lights. These lights may also act as small surveillance cameras simply by insertion of wafer-thin chip into these. So, you are able to have better view of the visitors and also may have an eye on the activities of children and their friends. This is essential to save them from falling into wrong company and keep records of the visitors too.

Garage of the house can also be made smarter with the use of door controllers operated by smart phones. Alert reaches the home owner if garage door is left ajar. This helps the owner provide added safety to his very expensive purchase that is, car.

Making house smarter is certainly a wise way of using the existing technology to the best. Tap the best of the latest technology and have intelligence spread all across your living space.

Why Making Your House Smarter Is Important?

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