If you are into tech stuff, regular hobbies like reading, arts and crafts may bore you to death. Apart from trying to fix the broken machines at home in your spare time, there are several hobbies that may interest you.
ProgrammingIt is a well known fact that if you are a tech geek after you build gaming PC the next best idea would be to learn how to program. Programming is not a very easy task but once you have learnt the basics of programming, you can even make your own small games, applications, web sites etc. There are endless possibilities and doing these would be the best hobby ever. You can fix your own software issues in the computer; you can make small antivirus software, and even application. It is actually a hobby that can help you to make some money as well.
Build machinesMachines as in not optimus prime kind of machines, but you can buy spare parts and build machines like a small coffee machine, build gaming PC, television or any household electrical equipment. This is a fun hobby for a person who likes to build things. Buying small parts like transistors, motherboards and other parts won’t be much expensive, plus this would be helpful around the house if you could build stuff. If you are not in to making house hold stuff, you can make cool toys, there are a lot of tutorials on you tube on how to makegadgets. Lot of people who are in to tech stuff are building computers, it is fairly easy if you can pull this off you get a customized version of a computer that you made for you own needs.
RoboticsIf you are good with programming and have a working knowledge of mother boards, you can learn how to make robots. Now of course these won’t be industrial kind of robots, but small toy robots, or robots that you can control with a remote control etc. are a good idea for a hobby. Plus there is a bright side to this, there are many robotic competitions and if you learn well and could master in this you can even enter few competitions. 
Lego This may sound a bit childish for a hobby, but Lego is not only for kids to enjoy. There are many complicated designs that you can build with Lego. This takes a lot of brain focus and it is a really good hobby if you love puzzles and building things. There are many designs like the bat mobile, the structures of famous and historical buildings like the Louvre, big Ben etc.It is not easy being a Geek, but it helps if you can find a productive hobby that you would enjoy.

DIY Hobbies For A Geek

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