From young children to fully grown adults, almost everyone uses a computer on a daily basis. Computers are very commonly used, which is why you may run into some very common computer problems, that everyone experiences once in a while. Before you consider replacing your computer, which can easily cost you anywhere between four hundred to eight hundred dollars, consider trying to fix the problems. At times, calling IT support services can end up costing you quite a bit of money as well. You do not have to be very technologically savvy, cheaper IT support services in Brisbane can help you to recognise and tackle common computer problems. Here are a few ways to solve common computer problems:

Try restarting it

It may sound silly and obvious, but sometimes restarting your computer can fix any of the issues you were having with it. If your computer starts to lag or has just stopped functioning altogether, the best way to fix the issue might just be to turn it off and then to turn it back on. Sometimes, there is a minor glitch in your computer that can be easily fixed this way. When you turn it off, make sure you turn it off properly, instead of just forcing it to shut down. This way, when it turns back on it will work properly, because it was shut down in the way it was meant to be. If your problem persists after you have restarted your computer, then you need to find other solutions.

If it’s too slow

If your computer is running too slowly, do not immediately think that you have a virus. Your computer could be running slowly for a number of different reasons. For example, you could be downloading too many things at once, you could have a lot of windows open, or you could even just have a slow internet connection. If you are downloading too many things at once, then you should stop all but one, that way after one has finished downloading, you can let another resume. Only download one file at a time, to avoid slow downs in your computer’s performance. If you have a lot of windows open, try closing all the ones you are not looking at. On most computers, you can only have two windows open side by side, so consider only having two open at a time. If you have a slow internet connection, you would either have to contact your service provider, or you could try turning your modem off and on.

If there are too many pop-up ads

If every time you try to open a web page all you see are pop-up ads, you might have a virus in your computer. To fix this, you can run anti-virus program that can detect and eliminate all of the malicious viruses. There are some anti-virus programs that are free, but if you want a really good one, you should consider spending a bit of money to protect your computer. Most anti-virus programs have a yearly fee that is not too expensive and in most cases, the fee is well worth the protection you get. Consider cloud solutions in Brisbane, to be more confident about your infrastructure.

Common Computer Problems

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